How to get started

You can contact me either by phone or email and we would arrange to meet up for a first meeting often known as a ‘chemistry’ meeting. This meeting is to get to know each other, find out a little about what you would like to work on and talk about how we plan to work together.

You can then decide if you like what you’ve heard and if you wish to proceed. We can then book the sessions and off we go.


We will spend some time in the first meeting speaking about how we will work together and what that might look like. Often things come to the coachee after that meeting or even in the moment during a coaching session.

We can re-contract at any time to discuss anything different that the coachee may be feeling or saying and to check if this is now the appropriate path to follow.

Number of sessions

life coaching results

The amount of sessions required is difficult to judge and would depend on the type of work being done and how quickly the coachee is able to find their way forward.

I would suggest, however, that it is unlikely to be completed in less than 4 sessions and up to 10 or more is not unusual.


The chemistry meeting is free, but then if you want to take up some actual sessions the cost will vary depending on whether it is a personal client or a corporate customer but prices are from £60 per hour.

You can also save money by paying for blocks of sessions or in corporate situations by having a number of clients available to see on the same day when I am coming in.


MBTI step 1 and 2 practitioner

I am qualified to give individual feedback when someone has completed an MBTI questionnaire in either Step 1 or Step 2.

I can also deliver team feedback days where we de-brief the different types as one group and then look at how the ‘team type’ looks and what impact that can have on the way the team works together and the relationships it has with others in the organisation but also across boundaries with others.

Coaching workshops and facilitation

I am an experienced facilitator of development interventions and can deliver workshops focussing on development with a coach in mind and many other types of sessions along with team days and meetings.

The Development with a coach in mind workshops are designed to give delegates a chance to practise operating with a coaching mind-set. This encourages employees to feel empowered and take more responsibility for their desired outcomes which impact on those of the organisation.